Photo by AnniNaomi – BlueBirdThe3rd (2018, from archive. Road from Nävekvarn to Nyköping, Sweden).

I have a broad taste of music. For example I listen to rock, metal, pop, dance, techno, electronic, rap, hip hop, spiritual music and a little punk, soul and reggae. I used to be a “synthare” when I was around 15 years old. Later came the techno, trance and house music. Today I listen to what I am in the mood for. I prefer for example power metal but also rap music. I write music in different genres.

I have started publish some of my music under Media files. The site will also continuously be updated with short videos with some examples of my music where I sing myself. I am practicing my singing voice. I am far from the best singer, but it’s fun to sing 🎶.

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