Oktoberfest 🇩🇪

21-10-31 06:06 AM (CEST). Today I woke up at 4 AM. My cat woke me up. He’s mother died when he was only a couple of weeks, so he’s very cuddly sometimes. What to do at 4 AM …Well, I wrote the beginning of a song in Spanish the other day, so I thought it was time to write one in German now. I learned German for six years in school. That’s a long time ago now. You can listen to it beneath here.

I’m still waiting for some songs from my friends in music. Stay tuned 🎶❤️.

Have a wonderful Sunday now. Today it’s Halloween! 👻🖤🧡🕷.

Oktoberfest 🇩🇪

Lyrics: AnniNaomi

Der schönste aller tage
erlebte ich einen sonnigen Abend
im Herbst. Im Herbst.
Es war Oktoberfest.
Die Jungs tranken Bier
und die Mädchen tanzten wild.
Hier in Deutschland.

Nun ist der Oktober vorbei
und wir müssen noch ein Jahr
auf das nächste Mal
Oktober in unseren Herzen.

Video by AnniNaomi (2021).

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