Flower Power fever 🌸

21-10-27 22:01 PM (CEST). Today I have edited a little on my Alien 👽 novel. I realize I have quite a lot of more work to do. So no time for celebration 🍾 yet … I also found a couple of chapters that I thought was lost. What a relief 😅.

Here’s a video that I wrote the lyrics for today also. I hope you understand that I don’t always write about myself when I write … I just think it’s a lot of fun to write even if it’s sometimes just crap. Enjoy 🙂🎶☮️ 🌸.


Soldier Boy

Lyrics: AnniNaomi 211027

I once was in love with a soldier.
He didn’t like my flower power fever.
He said he’d protect me with a gun,
but all I did was having fun
in the sun with flowers all around.

He didn’t care much for my rainbow pony.
He didn’t like that I joined an army.
It was an army of love
and for what I have heard
he thought that army
was very much disturbed.

Soldier boy from before
have you found your peace
or are you still at war?
Soldier boy I can say
that I certainly have,
but not in a flower power way.
These days I’m a rocker from hell.

Video by AnniNaomi (2021).

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