Not girlfriend material

21-10-11 10:45 AM (CEST). Yesterday I stayed up really late. I wrote two completely different songs. Here is the lyrics and a recording of lyrics one of them. It’s maybe not completely finished. It’s about a woman who has to be satisfied with her life even though she deep inside wants a boyfriend. Her life is problem, but she’s quite happy anyway 🙂💗. It’s in English. The other lyrics I wrote is in Swedish. 🎶.

I hope you’re doing good sweet followers. Peace ✌️.


Not Girlfriend Material

Lyrics: AnniNaomi

She enjoys your presence
and your phone calls.
There’s a confession
she has to do.
She has already fallen.
She fell from the sky.
High, high above.

Boys want her.
Men crave her.
Her eyes are only on you.
Stay closer.
There can be magic fantasy.
She’s not girlfriend material.
Her life is problem.
She is problem.
It’s a conclusion she has come to
and it’s true.
So, so true.

Her life is trouble.
Her life’s a mess.
She is a sweetheart
and she’s a friend.
She can be your lover
until the end.
Yours, only yours.



She can stay in your life
if you want her to.
To take one day at a time
is the best you can do.


Video by AnniNaomi (2021).

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