Weekly prayer

21-08-18 11:07 AM (CEST). This week I want to pray for Afghanistan, Haiti and my dear country Sweden. We all know what’s happening in Afghanistan and Haiti. I think it’s just awful, but I don’t want to forget my own country Sweden. There are a lot of shootings and gang related violence and crime going on. Please, if you want to. Pray with me. I pray for the police, the courts, the politicians who makes the decisions and also of course the victims of these actions. I want to pray for a society that is free from this kind of violence and that justice is made. I got in my heart to especially pray for our three major cities; Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Yesterday a beginning of a song came to me. It’s here beneath in a video. It came to me in like ten minutes. That happens to me sometimes. It maybe doesn’t have the perfect flow though … I turned to God and became saved when I was about 26 years old 🙂❤️.

Take care now sweet followers. Peace ✌️.

Video by AnniNaomi (2021).

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