Metal 🎶 and a book ðŸ“•

21-08-11 20:09 PM (CEST). My friend Love is creating metal out of one of my lyrics right now. We have been in this project together since 2019 when I wrote the lyrics and the melody for the singing came to me. The story is a saga. The beginning of the instrumental sound is finished and I just love i 😍. Love is a dear friend of mine and we have a lot of fun writing to each other. Love is a fantastic artist both in creating metal music and drawing. He is also writing novels and are creating videos. Love made my fantastic skull ☠️ logotype 🙂❤️.

Here is one of my favorite songs 🎶 by Love:

Follow him and support him here. You won’t be disappointed 🙂:


I’m also about to write a novel with another friend of mine. I have written about sixty pages in this sci-fi novel and then I got stuck. Now me and this friend have a lot of ideas for the rest of the book and we think we have a plan for the ending. It’s just exciting 🙂❤️.

Take good care now sweet followers. Peace ✌️❤️.

Photo from archive (2019).

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