Rap music by me 🎶

21-08-04 17:22 PM (CEST). Hi dear followers ✌️. Today I wrote the beginning of a rap song. It would be so cool if someone wanted to make music 🎶 out of it and rap 🙂❤️. Please, send me and email if you are interested: anninaomi.business@gmail.com

Sweet As Sugar 🎶

Lyrics: AnniNaomi

You’re a catch
and I’m a hunter.
You’re maybe shy,
but I’m a confronter.
That’s why
we’re perfect for each other.
Maybe we’ll even end up as a couple.
You lay the cards
and I double.
I bet there’s trouble
but I’m a gambler
and it’s a risk I take.
You are my dream.
You sexy little thing.

If this was a game
I was here to win,
but this is real
and I wanna see you again.
You are my dream.
You sexy little thing.
Sweet as sugar.

Video by AnniNaomi (2021).

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