Mysterious Soulmate ❤️🎶

21-08-03 09:33 AM (CEST). In 2016, I had a dream about my soulmate. The moment before I fell asleep, I prayed to God that I would know if I had one or not. I woke up abruptly from the picture that I will never forget. Maybe one day we will meet. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Only heaven knows …

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Mysterious Soulmate ❤️

Lyrics: AnniNaomi

You are a mystery
to me.
Everything is history
if the dream is real.
I know you are out there
and I swear
we will match
as the perfect pair.

Your hair is dark
and so is mine.
I don’t know so much more,
but I think that’s just fine.
My dream is you.
If it comes true
I’ll be the happiest girl
in the world.

Souls that reflects like mirrors.
Connections of heroes.
Yes, that’s what we are.
Mysterious hero of mine.
Mysterious soulmate of mine.

There’s a soulmate
out there.
It’s never to late
to captivate his heart.
I’m gonna fight for
love and more
‘cause souls
that reflects are my goal.


Mysterious soulmate
who are you?
What’s in your life right now?
Is it the right time
for us?
A fairy tale come true.
A saga for me and you.


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