Finally blogging again 😀

21-07-27 00:05 PM (CEST). Hi you guys!! I’m back 😃. I have finally upgraded my website so I can blog again. What has happened since last? A lot I guess. Me and my friend Paera released “Nitroglycerin”. I wrote the Swedish lyrics and Paera made music 🎶 out of it. It’s a song about a guy / girl who likes living on the edge. That can maybe be fun, but you also have to be careful so you don’t get burned. We have another song 🎶 coming up too. That one is maybe country and it is in English. Exciting 😀❤️.

I have also started to write a new sci-fi novel about aliens 😃. I’m also going to start a cooperation with another friend about another sci-fi novel that takes place in the future. I’m so excited 😃❤️.

I have suffered from a long writers block too, so I haven’t been writing all the time. Writing for me is healing ❤️‍🩹, so I hope that block is over now.

I hope you enjoy “Nitroglycerin” 🎶 now and you’ll hopefully see me here soon again! Peace to you my followers. Peace ✌️.

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