VLOG. Witch vs Angel

21-01-12 12:01 PM (CEST). I have been writing some lyrics and are waiting for my friend Paera to do something with them. I have also been writing some poems. Don’t forget to check them out here on the web under poetry. Please, let me know if you need help with translation. ✌️. Here’s my latest poem:


Witch vs Angel

You become enchanted.
She is strong in her power.
She catches you with erotica.
After a while, however,
your mind gets tired.
Mystery becomes boredom.
There’s only a simple witch left,
who has you stuck in her claws.
Her power may be great,
but her appeal
will be far, far away.

Angelic power.
You will be captivated.
She is strong in her power.
She is surrounded by a blue light.
Her eyes twinkle when she looks at you.
She catches you with erotica,
but there are also emotions.
She serves you.
She cares for you.
She protects your heart.
She answers your innermost dreams.
Days go by. Will be weeks. Will be years.
You just want more of her.

Witch vs Angel. Make the choice.


AnniNaomi 210109

Video by AnniNaomi (2021).

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