21-01-05 15:40 PM (CEST). Hi, you guys! Yeii, holiday tomorrow!! It feels a little like Friday today and I’m in the party mood 🥂. Feeling happy and blessed. I will not party at all tonight, but I’m gonna play some music and dance in the living room. I see it as exercise and I need it. My neck and head are hurting, because I stressed like hell at work today. Not good. I’m not supposed to do that, but dancing will do the work. I’m planning to stay up quite long tonight and do some cleaning and writing. On Friday I will have one of my really good friends over for a glass or two (not more for me). We sometimes have “music eavnings” and now it’s definitely time again. Then we listen to a lot of good music, comment it and show each other what new good music we have found. That’s a lot of fun. 😀🎶.

I have started writing on a new song called ‘Rockstar’. I got some tones for it too; watch the video when I’m trying my best to sing it. Don’t ask what I’m doing with my hair in the video though … 🤣🤣. Anyway. I need people to do the music and a girl/ woman that sing. Maybe that’s you or you know someone? Please, let me know 🙂.

Here is part of the lyrics:



Lyrics and Melody: AnniNaomi

You look so hot.
You look so fine.
Your body makes me weak.
You write to me and I respond.
That makes my day all happy.

If I’ll meet you I wanna touch.
I wanna play with you.
I’ll look my best to be a catch.
I’ll even dance for you.

You’re a rockstar and me
I am an ordinary girl.
You are attractive and for me
the most coolest in the world.

Xxxx //

VERSE 2: (A secret for now).


You seem fun and are kind to me.
If you’ll keep writing you will see
that my personality
is good and sweet.
I am actually the best girl
you will ever meet.

You are rockstar and me
I am an ordinary girl ….


Take care now sweet followers. Peace! ✌️

Video by AnniNaomi (2021).

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