Moving on and having fun

21-01-03 19:12 PM (CEST). I have moved on. I will go into 2021 totally as single and with hopes for the future. It feels good to finally be able to let go of the past and move forward. Tomorrow is here, the moment is the future. I will challenge myself a lot this year and leave my comfort zone every day. I will workout a lot to get more energy. I have promised myself at least 30 minutes walk every day for 365 days. It started so good. I have been exercising with good music on and been out walking every day so far on the new year. I will have a lot of fun. I will not ponder over things and I will not let myself feel small. I will relax a lot too. Relaxing is good for the health I think.

I would like to do some really challenging things this year. I have done things before. Snorkeling in Hawaii and Australia, river rafting in Australia, climbed up to Norway’s highest mountain Galdopiggen (2469 meters over sea), flying in a helicopter, done ‘En Svensk Klassiker’ and ran ‘Tjurruset’ for example. This year I can’t do things that cost a lot. We will see what I come up to. Let me know if you have ideas 🙂. Peace to you guys! Remember to have fun ✌️.

Photo by AnniNaomi (2021).

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