Swimming in the winter or a hangover

20-12-31 16:59 PM (CEST). Today I started the new year 2021 with swimming in a little lake. It was cold, but nice at the same time. I will try to do a challenge every month for now on. I have an idea for next month, but it takes a lot of work, so we’ll see if I manage it already til February. It feels good to challenge yourself to different things. Today I had a little feeling of adrenaline and felt happy and excited afterwards. Got a lot of things done afterwards. Now I’m just relaxing. Feeling kind of happy. Isn’t that good. I hope and pray that you feel good today too. Maybe you have a hangover and struggling with headache. In Sweden today is the day when most people buy pizza. I didn’t, but I understand why. I guess I have had hangovers on New Years Day too before. At the moment I drink very seldom. I had a couple of glasses of whine around Christmas and before that it was in the summer. I love the taste of whine and champagne and a beer once in a while, but it feels good to drink little and not get tipsy or drunk. That’s up to each and every one. It’s just sad when it becomes an addiction. So, if you are addicted to alcohol I pray now that you will find your way out. In Jesus name. Amen.

Take good care now sweet followers. Peace ✌️.

Photos by AnniNaomi (2021).

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