Inspiration and tears

20-12-25 21:52 PM (CEST). Today I ate ribs with potato gratin. It was delicious and I still feel full. I have been out walking totally two hours also. That was wonderful, but a little chilly.

I have been writing a new lyrics today and sent it to my friend Paera. I hope he will do something with it. It’s a song about love and hope. Always a subject I guess. I have started with some other lyrics too. It feel great to have inspiration. It motivates me. I am quite happy at the moment, even if life sometimes is really hard. You have to stick with the happy feelings as long as it’s possible though. Still I believe it’s good to cry once in a while too. Tears can heal wounds. At least I believe it’s better to get things out of your system instead of keeping it inside.

I hope and pray you are all feeling good. And if you cry I hope it follows with better moments. Take care now my sweet followers. God bless you. Peace ✌️.

Photo by AnniNaomi (2020).

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