Weekly prayer – Don’t go with the flow

20-10-26 08:01 AM (CEST). Be yourself in a world that put strange norms about how we should be. I used to follow the flow quite a lot when I was younger. Now I go against it if that’s what I want. I don’t care so much what others think anymore. That’s such a feeling of relief.

Dear Jesus. I pray for my dear followers today. I pray that they will feel free and accept and love who they really are. I pray that they will stand strong on Earth and don’t care so much about what others think. I pray for those who are being harassed for who they are. I pray for good days and happiness in all my followers lives. In Jesus holy name. Amen.

Here A Touch of Heaven again. Thought it maybe would mean something especially to one of you today.

Love you guys. Peace ✌️.

Video by Paera (2020).

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