The Devil, The Lion and me in a pool of blood

20-10-22 15:11 PM (CEST). The next song by me and my friend Paera is going to be something different. Paera will sing and play the electric guitar. The lyrics I wrote is inspired by a dream I had a couple of years ago. In my dream I saw the The Devil himself. He was dressed in an armor with horns like a ram and I could only see his eyes. He looked at me and wanted me to join his army. He wanted me to be his soldier.

I turned down his offer, but I never forgot that dream. It was very strong, like as if it happened for real. Now I made lyrics out of it. Sometimes when life crushes you really hard it feels like that the only thing left of you is a pool of blood on the ground. I have felt that feeling. Someone told me that in some armies they start with crushing you down totally to the ground, so that they afterwards can build you up – stronger than ever. That’s what happening to me now. I’m rising from the pool of blood on the ground. I feel strong; physically, mentally and spiritually. I wanna be in The Army. But not The Army of Evil. I want to join The Army of the Lion.

I hope you look forward to the new song. Have a great day now. Peace to you my followers. Peace ✌️.

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