PTSD Nightmare and heavenly peace

20-10-21 10:26 AM (CEST). In my dream tonight I had a strong feeling of a pressure on my throat. It’s a PTSD nightmare. I’m a little surprised that it still comes to me after years. I used to live with a guy that was violent to me in periods. I have been to counseling and it has helped me a lot. Still I sometimes get the nightmares. It’s like the feelings of helplessness that I felt is coming back. That feelings are really disturbing me.

Today I have a different feeling inside of me though. I feel heavenly peace. I feel happiness and excitement. Good things are happening in my life and it brings both peace and happy excitement. Wow! Still it’s always a bit nervous. Will the happy feelings remain? Life can sometimes be a roller coaster …

I wish you my followers will feel happiness in your lives too. I hope you will feel hope in your heart and good things about the future. Lets stand together for a good future.

Take care now sweet followers. Peace ❤️✌️.

Photo by AnniNaomi (2018, Dalarna. From archive.)

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