To Vikings and Sweden 🇸🇪 with Love

20-10-06 09:37 AM (CEST). I have written a lyrics about Vikings this time. My friend Paera is about to put some beautiful tones to it and it really gives me the shivers. It’s a love story from a different time. This one is going to be really good. I’m so thankful to my friend.

Vikings are part of our history and a lot of us has Viking blood in our veins. It was a time when Swedish people were strong, but not so kind all the time. I wish Sweden 🇸🇪 will be a strong country again. It’s in my prayers. Stand with me in prayers for Sweden.

Take care now my sweet followers. I love you. Peace ✌️.

The Mask of Loke (A gift to me, 2020).

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