Fear – A true enemy

20-09-18 13:00 AM (CEST). I have been reflecting over fear. The feeling can really eat you up. I have felt so much fear in periods of my life. I did today too and I have reasons for it. It’s not a healthy feeling though. Fear limits. God doesn’t want us to be afraid. He wants us to feel safe. To rely on him and to rest in that he is in control.

I’m suffering from ptsd (post traumatic stressyndrom). Nightmares haunt me. Nightmares where I feel helpless. The feelings come back to me that made me develop the ptsd at the first time.

I don’t mind dreams. I love some of my dreams. I’m often inspired by my dreams when I’m writing. I dream in colors. Bright colors. I pray God will heal me from the ptsd though. I pray he will help in the situation. There is power in prayer. There is hope.


I am approaching the sacred.
I carefully reach out a hand.
I am greeted by a warm embrace.

Gratitude. Grace.

Text from my former Stella Amira blog. Still accurate.

Photo by AnniNaomi (2018, from archive.).

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