Fairies, gobblings and angels

20-08-17 14:12 PM (CEST). Do you believe in supernatural beings? I think they are right here with us. Today’s society may make us no longer see them, but I still believe they exist. My latest lyrics are about two angels who voluntarily left heaven to seek the excitement of the earth. Maybe they really exist 😉. The idea for the song came to me this summer. I sometimes sit and fly away in my fantasies and this was such a moment. Hope you listen to it. It’s called VIT OCH SVART VINGE and is in Swedish. It can be found under Media Files here on the web and the text under Lyrics. Let me know if you need help with translation.

Maybe you are one that has seen and angel or another supernatural being? Please, let me know. I’m so curious.

Peace to you my followers. Peace ✌️.

Photo by AnniNaomi (2020).

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