Love … ❤️

20-08-03 08:47 AM (CEST). How can you feel love in a world that is under so much pressure. How can you feel love when people are hurt. That’s actually how you feel love. You feel love for those who are hurt. For those who suffer.

I love my family, relatives and friends. I also feel love for people that are struggling with themselves and their situations. There is so much struggle in people. We try to stay brave, but it’s not always that easy. People brake into pieces every day. There are so much trauma and tragic story’s that are untold. There is pain.

I am thinking right now about what I can do for someone who’s in need. It doesn’t always have to include money. Maybe God will show me a way to to do something good in someone’s life. I lay it God’s hand for now. I pray for a revelation.

Peace to you my followers. Love and peace ✌️❤️✌️.

Photo by AnniNaomi (2018, from archive. Jämtland, Sweden).

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