A children / youth book

20-08-01 17:12 PM (CEST). I’m writing on my children / youth book again. It’s a fantasy story, and I’m almost at the end. I will send it to some publishers after finished. It’s hard to get anything published. The competition is hard, but the least you can do is try.

Other than that I’m still unpacking. I have emptied 32 boxes already. Puh, that’s a lot of job. And it’s warm today. I shouldn’t complain though. It’s nice we still have summer and my paradise (my home) is getting more and more like I want it.

I am drinking a cup of tea ☕️ now. Relaxing for a while. Thinking about the end of my children / youth book. It must be a twist somehow. I think I know how 🙂.

Peace to you my followers. Peace ✌️.

Photo by AnniNaomi (2020. I use filter on this photo.).

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