Dogs, a new apartment and a hair cut

20-07-26 18:34 PM (CEST). I I see puppies and dogs everywhere now. My heart melts. I talk to them all. And their proud owners too. I just fall in love. I love animals. Just love them. Look at this black German Shepard for example … She is so beautiful and was very friendly … I love black dogs ❤️🖤. I wish I could have one in the future …

I am packing today, because I am soon moving. I got a new appartment. That feels so good. I am gonna decorate it and make it to a paradise. Home is paradise. I am going to repaint a few furniture too. I love this things, when old things come in a different way. My home will go mostly in white, grey, black and green. That’s what I think right now anyway. Green is a warm, soothing color. And a Hammarby color too of course 🇳🇬💚🇳🇬. The game this Thursday didn’t go as we hoped, but the love for our team is still strong and there is new hope for Monday.

I will show you some photos of my new home later on.

I colored and cut my hair yesterday. What do you think? I wanted to go to a hairdresser, but to be honest I’m scared of them. They cut so much of my hair and I am super scared to get short hair again. I am trying to save it to be really long. Actually I am thinking about doing hair extensions too. I am happy with my hair cut now anyway. I feel like ten years younger 🙂.

Peace for now my followers. Peace to all of you✌️.

Photo by AnniNaomi – BlueBirdThe3rd (2020).
Photos by AnniNaomi (2020).

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