Body, soul and spirit work out ❤️

20-07-20 09:27 AM (CEST). My friend who is like family to me has promised to teach me the basics of martial art and self-defense in the late summer and autumn. I am going to be his commando soldier / ninja … 😅. No, but what fun and educational it will be 🙂. I am excited on starting training now … I have made a diet and exercise plan and the plan is to be spiritual also of course … I went to church ✝️ yesterday. First time in a long time …

Yihey, fun with new goals!! I’m listening to some good music to keep myself in the mood … Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For A Hero 🎶. How good isn’t that one.

At the same time, everyday life sometimes hurts. Hearts break 💔 and lie on the slaughter bench. Exercise helps for both the crushed hearts, body, the mental with the soul and the spirit.

Today I will do an hour of powerwalk and tonight I will watch the game when Hammarby meets Gothenburg. Go Hammarby! 🇳🇬💚🇳🇬. Good results give adrenaline. Protecting body, soul and spirit produces feel-good hormones.

I hope you my followers also take care of yourself and your body and mind. Life is here and now. Peace to you all. Peace ✌️.

Photo (2019, from archive. A Selfie and montage).

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