The Mask of Loke

20-07-14 15:35 PM (CEST). I got a couple of beautiful gifts the other day. Look at this mask on the picture below. It is handmade by my great sculpture artist connection Alexander. It was hard to make a good photo of it. It is just an amazing art work.

The mask is Loke (Loki). He brings happiness and crazy luck in this pagan mask. In this case, according to Alexander, brings fortune in my hands.

The first Vikings abandoned their faith in Asa gods to Christianity around the beginning of the 10th century, I think. Loke (Loki) is one of the Asa gods in Northern mythology, even though he was the son of a giant. In the older Poetic Edda, Loke appears in several of the poems and is a central figure in some of them (Wikipedia).

Thank you Alex for this beautiful gift 💚.

Photo by AnniNaomi (2020. The Mask of Loke. Artist: Alexander.).

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