RELEASE!! LYCKOKASTANJ 🌱 (Chestnut of Luck)

20-07-14 09:10 AM (CEST). A new song 🎶 with Cowboy Dreamer where I have written the lyrics is now here and under Media Files on my web. Be sure to check it out!! There is also text about the background for the lyrics, dedication and the entire lyrics to read. Hope you will like the song. The lyrics are based from a sad time in my life when I was living with violence. Time heals wounds. The future is ahead of us … 🌱.

I got to know Cowboy Dreamer through the music. He has become a good friend of mine. He writes very good lyrics and music himself too and I hope for continued collaboration. We have at least two more songs in progress.

Be sure to check out Cowboy Dreamers blog:

Take care my followers. Peace ✌️.

Video made by Cowboy Dreamer (2020).

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