VLOG. Cosy and relaxed✌️

20-07-12 18:32 PM (CEST). What a wonderful day I had 😻❤️. I went to see a for me very special person today. We had a great time. I had my leg warmers on of course and my Hammarby inspired nails 💚. My “school teacher glasses” were on too!! … 😅. I need to buy new lenses … Coffee on the balcony was part of the day … ☕️. I got some really amazing gifts too. He is a great artist this guy. I will show them to you later on … When we waved “Good bye” to each other, it suddenly started to rain and hail like crazy!! What a shock!! 😅😅.

I started a new Facebook group yesterday. Hammarby Galaxy 💚🎶💚. Be sure to join!!


What did you do today? I am curious 🙂. Send me an e-mail 🙂.

VLOG (July 12, 2020.)

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