Can dreams and nightmares come true?

20-07-11 07:07 AM (CEST). Someone supported me late yesterday eavning. Thank you ”A”. We talked on the phone, because I had trouble going to sleep. I still have sorrow in my heart. He is a great support and I am thankful he is in my life. I don’t forget things like this. People who are this kind are valuable. I value kindness.

I fell asleep after we had the talk. I normally don’t have a problem going to sleep and I also normally sleep very well during the night. I did now too. Seven hours. That is totally what I need.

I know people that really have big problems with their sleep. They can be affected that there is a full moon for example. I don’t. I am just “in love with the moon.” 😅. I am very fascinated with the moon, stars and planets. Once I saw a blood moon. I set the alarm to see it early that morning. It was awesome.

On the 21st of December this year it will be a Great Conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn. I had a dream about this in 2015. I wrote about it in a diary and found the notes now earlier this spring. It was a scary dream about one part of the world. A sort of a nightmare actually, but I wasn’t terrified in the dream. I hope it won’t come true. Do you believe in true dreams? I sometimes do. Hopefully this was just a dream …

Take care my followers. Peace to the world. Peace✌️.

Photo by AnniNaomi (2018, from archive. Nävekvarn, Sweden.).

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