A song, alcohol free wine, cigarettes and self-control

20-07-09 09:26 AM (CEST). It’s a beautiful day in Sweden today. The sun is shining and I went for a 40 minute walk. Then I had to go home and drink water.

I got a little crazy yesterday. Catching up with a friend by phone can be nice and give feelings of joy and happiness. I felt like singing and dancing. It’s almost a feeling like I had a glass of wine in my body yesterday, but I didn’t. I just felt happy for a while. Even if I am in sorrow I still get good feelings.

About wine and alcohol. I think I am better off without. I used to be a member of the Salvation Army some years ago. I drank no alcohol at all then for several years. In one years time now I have drank wine at two times. Before that it was more often. I like the taste, but since I am drinking so seldom it’s easier to get a little tipsy from just a glass. I don’t want to get to that. I feel better when I am totally in self-control. There are alcohol free options that I would prefer. There is always also a chance that someone that really have a problem with alcohol get triggered. Maybe that’s you? Sorry, in that case that I mentioned it. Stay clean. Life has so much to offer without any kind of drugs. My “drugs” for now are cigarettes. I will try to quit later when I have my life more organized. I have moved recently … For now I don’t mind a cigarette once in a while. It’s true though. I would do better off without them. Much better.

I have written a song about wine and what it can do to you. It’s lyrics with tones and would fit perfect for a troubadour kind of person. Maybe you will hear it later if I find someone to cooperate with it.

Peace to you my followers. Peace ✌️.

Photo by AnniNaomi. (2018, from archive. Dalarna, Sweden.).

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