Cats, dogs and good people

20-07-07 14:15 PM (CEST). Wow, I am stuffed. We ate lunch at a Greek restaurant today. I ate souvlaki with beef and French fries. And a lot of tzatziki and hummus and vegetables of course. Delicious, but I will definitely need a walk later on. Sweden is beautiful. The sun is shining. Today I got some good news again. Even if I have sorrow in my heart I find bright moments.

I met a puppy the other day. I just fell in love. I miss my dog a lot. I used to have a dobermann. My God I miss him …💔. The missing … A great watchdog and family member. He loved me and followed me every step I took … I have two beautiful cats now. They are adorable. Doris and Diva. Sisters ❤️.

I got a drawing from someone the other day. A drawing of cats. One of them look exactly like mine. I got so happy. Things in life that come from the heart is something that I really appreciate and value. Good people. There are good people. Animals and good people are things that I value in life.

Take care my followers. Peace ✌️.

Photos by AnniNaomi (2018-2019, from archive. My cats Doris and Diva and the dobermann I used to have, Sweden.).

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