VLOG. Freedom!

20-07-06 18:07 PM (CEST). Today I feel I must share with you the word freedom. I feel I am one step more towards freedom. I have felt like I have been in prison for some time. True prison. Arrest me! Arrest me! 😅. Maybe I will write more about it later. We’ll see. Good things came out of it though. You meet with new good people. Well, a ”Segerrapport” as we say in Swedish. Part of the victory for me anyway.

So I sang a little for you (with a filter video). Sorry, it sounds like it does 😅. I was a little nervous 😅. I’m actually working on my singing voice. It’s fun to sing 🎶 . It was “Sång till friheten” with Björn Afzelius. A Spanish singer from the beginning, I think. A friend sang it to me the other day and I just felt: Freedom. Here we come. I sing it with a Swedish “e” instead of “är” because I am a born söderböna. Now we’re talking Hammarby – Swedish soccer/ fotboll again 😅💚.

Bless you brothers, sisters and friends.

The chorus:

Friheten är ditt vackra namn.

Vänskapen är din stolta moder.

Rättvisan är din broder.

Freden är din syster.

Kampen är din fader.

Framtiden är ansvar.

Songwriter: Bjorn Svante Afzelius / Dominguez S Rodriguez

“Blott en dag, ett ögonblick i sänder …” 🙂.

Bye bye for now guys. Peace ✌️.

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