Anger, Sharks and Panem et circenses

20-07-05 14:45 PM (CEST). I was just now watching a Swedish teve show with an interview with a famous Swedish hockey player. I didn’t really pay attention to what they were talking about, but it was something about mood and to be able to feel anger in some situations. Sometimes you feel guilt afterwards they said. It’s true this I think. There are things in the society and other things that make me angry too. It’s just important to watch your tongue I think, so you don’t hurt someone else. It can be an act of balancing. You are allowed to feel things. Feelings are part of our lives. Even anger. It’s just important to be careful how you are in front of others I think. Especially children.

About hockey. I have been to a NHL game once in my life. San José Sharks towards L.A. Kings. Sharks won. Yiehey!! Go Sharks, Go Sharks!! 🙂. I am not an expert in hockey and sports, but that was just so totally amazing to experience. What a show!

During the Roman Empire when Emperor Augustus reigned they talked about Panem et circenses (bröd och skådespel in Swedish) to the people. That was exactly the feeling I had at that hockey game – with the difference that instead of gladiators there were hockey players. Sharks are examples of my gladiators / heroes. Which ones are yours?

It’s almost a feeling of early autumn in Sweden today I think. It’s raining. That is actually good. It’s dry outside. We need rain. Not so fun maybe though for everyone that has vacation and long for the sun. Anyway. I want to go to a hockey game next season. I hope to find an exciting game. According to me all seasons also has its beauty. We must remember that summer is beautiful even when it rains. That’s what I think. Peace to you my followers. Peace. ✌️.

Photo by AnniNaomi (2019, from archive. “Autumn leaf”, Sweden).

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