Happiness in hell

20-07-05 21:33 PM (CEST). Tomorrow is a big day for me. “Say a little prayer for me”. When I pray, I also pray for my family and my friends’ family and also our relatives. We are important. We are all God’s children. I think this is hell. Here on earth. I think we all have a place waiting for one day that is heaven and the new world. That’s what I think. My belief. I know everyone doesn’t agree. I don’t care. I got a right to have my belief. My faith. Now our task is to make “life in hell” as good as possible. I know that is not always easy. Hell is hell. I hope you in someway can find peace in your heart, body and soul. Let every day count as they said in the movie about Titanic (something like that). Let it count. Or as Swedish Lina Sandell wrote in Swedish: “Blott en dag, ett ögonblick i sänder…”.

This is a picture from my latest blog Stella Amira. I have had three different blog names. DJ AnniBaby, Celsius300 and Stella Amira. When I was Stella Amira I was completely anonymous. I will tell you more about my former blogs later on. Tomorrow I will hopefully keep on building on my website.

I have a little feeling of happiness in hell today. I have hope for the future.

Take care my followers. Love, hope, peace.

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