Peace for God’s sake ✌️

20-07-03 14:45 PM (CEST). It’s great to be back on blogging. Finally. I have missed it a lot. I have missed my followers. I have missed you. This is the beginning of something good. Hopefully both for me and you.

I took a road trip the other day. I have sorrow in my soul. Sorrow in my heart. Music distracts. Music make me hopeful. Music make me smile. Even laugh. Even in the worst situations. I push away feelings sometimes. When it hurts to much. We must always remember that there can live fragility in persons. Not just me. In all of us. Treat each other with respect and kindness. We don’t always know other people’s burden. We can only hope for better times. Peace to all of you my readers. Peace. 

PS. It’s possible I will soon release a song that is finished here. Stay tuned.

Photo by AnniNaomi (2019, from archive. Mariefred, Sweden).

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