God bless America – With love from Sweden

20-07-04 07:54 AM (CEST). Happy 4th of July. America = My Fristad (Swedish). I love America. America is in my heart. I hope you all Americans have a wonderful and loving 4th of July. I lived one year in the US back in the 1995 working as an AuPair. In Connecticut, an hour from New York. I love N.Y. I have been visiting US several times since then. Sad to say but I feel coldness in my chest when I am writing this. Maybe some of you followers don’t like that I love America. Please. I am allowed my own opinions and feelings. No one can ever stop me from loving and I don’t force anyone to follow my blog. I love Sweden too. It’s nothing wrong with that. Sweden is beautiful with its nature and coast. We have a beautiful flag. It’s a cross. The colors are the sun and sky for me. Sun and sky. Today the sun is covered with clouds where I am. I hope light is not covered by clouds in your mind and heart. Peace to you all. Peace. Take care.

Picture from the Internet.

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