Spiritual songs, pop, rock and metal 🎶

I have a broad taste in music. You will find different kind of songs here with different kind of lyrics. I’m a writer of lyrics. Sometimes I get the tones in my head too.

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Två Vita Duvor. Lyrics: AnniNaomi. Music & Singing: Paera.

Explosions. Lyrics and Melody: AnniNaomi. Music & Singing: Paera.

Daughter of Lodbrok and Ravens. Lyrics & Music: AnniNaomi.

Eternal Walk of Pain. Lyrics & Song Melody: AnniNaomi. Music & Singing: Love Eliasson.

Den Sista Striden. Lyrics & Songmelody: AnniNaomi. Music: Love Eliasson.

I rap my own lyrics on TikTok. Need cooperation. You find me here:


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